How to Watch Accused: Guilty or Innocent? Season 2 on Hulu in Canada

Last updated: June 14, 2022

Hulu presents an intriguing show for thriller-hungry viewers making fans outside USA wonder how to watch Accused: Guilty or Innocent? Season 2 on Hulu in Canada. We know that due to the geo-blocking imposed by the streaming platform, it truly becomes a headache to watch geo-blocked content.

If you aren’t familiar with the correct resources to catch up on all your geo-blocked favorite movies and shows, read this blog and find out how a VPN can solve all your streaming problems.

Hulu is a geo-restricted video-on-demand streaming app that provides you with hundreds and thousands of shows and movies but as it is a US-based website it won’t be accessible in Canada.

But don’t you worry we’ll get you covered with every little detail about how to access it with the help of a premium VPN that too with a steady and fast speed! So buckle up and be ready to be back in the game if you’ve neglected your movie me-time for a while.

Quick Steps: Watch Accused: Guilty or Innocent? Season 2 on Hulu in Canada

Follow these easy steps to know how to watch Accused: Guilty or Innocent? Season 2 on Hulu in Canada with the help of a VPN.

  • Download and install a brilliant VPN like ExpressVPN (highly recommended)
  • Go through its subscription plans and buy the one which suits you the best!
  • After that, connect to a server-based in the US (as Hulu is a US-based website)
  • Open Hulu’s website and make an account after buying a subscription.
  • Now, open the search bar and find your desired title and enjoy streaming to the fullest!

Is Accused on Hulu?

Yes, Accused: Guilty or Innocent is on Hulu. Season 1 is already there and the remaining episodes of season 2 are also arriving on Hulu this June.

So don’t waste your time anywhere else because Hulu is here to provide you with the best streaming experience you ever had. Soon the Accused: Guilty or Innocent? Season 3 will also be coming to the Hulu platform.

What is Accused: Guilty or Innocent About?

This revolutionary series portrays the hidden part of the judiciary world and the heinous crimes numerous individuals have been accused of. Every episode starts when the suspect has taken up on a lawyer and is seen preparing for the upcoming trials to defend themselves.

The critical point is that this series gives the audience a chance to look deeply at the hearings and misfortunes revolving around the case. It also lets you witness the behind-the-scenes where accused individuals are seen explaining their experiences and story from their viewpoint.

If we talk about the first season, it spots light on the Jason Carter murder trial and numerous high-profile cases. These cases also include a mother charged for murdering her son, a man who shot his wife in self-defense, a female involved in the cold-blooded murder of another individual, etc.

Now catch up on the 2nd season of Accused: Guilty or Innocent on Hulu so that you can continue watching more of these cases that will send you chills down your spine.

Is there going to be a season 2 of Accused: Guilty or Innocent?

Yes, without any doubt Season 2 of Accused: Guilty or Innocent is hitting the Hulu streaming app and it is releasing on the 15th of June with its remaining episodes which are sooner than your mind can comprehend.

So fasten your seat belts because you’re going to watch the full season in one go with the awesome and gruesome crime stories they have for you! Remember, if you are outside USA, you will need a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN to watch Accused: Guilty or Innocent? Season 2 on Hulu in Canada.

Is there a trailer of Accused: Guilty or Innocent Season 2?

Would you think there wouldn’t be a trailer for such an amazing, gruesome, frightening, and thrilling docu-series? If your mind is speculating that, let me tell you that trailer for Accused: Guilty or Innocent Season 2 is on the internet for you to catch up on a glimpse so that you run towards binge-watching the show!

Check it out here!

Who is in the cast of Accused: Guilty or Innocent Season 2?

Here’s the list of the cast of the Accused: Guilty or Innocent?

  • Christine Branstad -Lead Defense Attorney
  • Jason Carter – The Accused
  • Shelly Carter – Jason Carter’s Wife
  • Alison Kanne – Defense Attorney
  • Bryan Lawson as The Accused
  • Angel Bumpass as The Accused
  • Mike Ware as Defense Attorney
  • Ashley McCombs as Jason’s Wife
  • Terri Moore as Defense Attorney
  • Danita Tutt as Accused
  • Shirley Bumpass as Angel’s Grandmother
  • Laurie Goff as Paramedic
  • Jason McCombs as The Accused
  • Mike Halverson as Criminalist
  • Garth Best as Defense Attorney
  • Cameron Boyd as Brandon Joyner’s Friend
  • Larry Boyd as Defense Attorney
  • Brandon Joyner
  • Bill Carter as Jason’s Father
  • Steve Hisker as Defense Attorney
  • Mathias Robinson as Prosecution Attorney
  • Wanda Joyner as Brandon’s Mother
  • Sue McCombs as Jason’s Mother
  • Carlisle McNair as Private Investigator
  • Austin Shell as Defense Attorney
  • Lewis Joyner as Brandon’s Father
  • Wayne McCombs as Jason’s Father
  • Ed Bull as Prosecuting Attorney
  • Neal Spears as MD, Expert Witness Pediatrician
  • Cameron Williams as Prosecution Attorney
  • Jody Williams as Brandon Joyne’s Friend
  • Jana Lain as Jason’s Sister
  • Andrea Hayduk as Defense Attorney
  • Trey Boyd Brandon as Joyner’s Friend
  • Spenser H. Smith as Prosecution Attorney
  • Karen Tutt as Danita’s Mother-In-Law
  • Mark Thetford as Danita’s Father
  • Baylis Smith as Angel’s Grandfather
  • Benjamin Waters
  • Winston Throgmorton as Defense Attorney
  • Jon Deneef as Defendant

How many seasons are there of Accused: Guilty or Innocent?

There are currently 3 seasons of Accused: Guilty or Innocent. The 1st one was released on April 21st, 2020, the 2nd one on Aug 19, 2021 and the 3rd one on May 26th, 2022.

All of them were initially released on the A&E Network and gradually made their way to the Hulu streaming app. The third season will release on 15th June 2022 on Hulu.

How many episodes does the Accused have?

There are 7 episodes in season 1 of Accused: Guilty or Innocent while season 2 has around 6 episodes. All of these episodes are based on real-life events.

What Are The Best VPNs to Watch Accused: Guilty or Innocent? on Hulu in Canada?

In order to save you from hassle and chaos, we handpicked, tried, and tested a few VPNs that prove to be the best among others in terms of their speed, price, security, encryption, and reliability so you watch complete Season 2 of Accused: Guilty or Innocent on Hulu in Canada.

Read and identify the one that is suitable for you!

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Accused: Guilty or Innocent? Season 2 on Hulu in Canada

ExpressVPN is the best to watch Accused: Guilty or Innocent? Season 2 on Hulu in Canada. As you would not be familiar with all the scams and frauds most VPNs commit, ExpressVPN would be a safe choice for you as it guarantees 100% security with its top-notch security features.


If you’re struggling to find a VPN that has a vast range of servers then immediately grab on to ExpressVPN because it has 3000+ servers in 160 locations in more than 94+ countries with 25 highly optimized server locations in the USA.

ExpressVPN offers you to check your internet speed with the help of a test they have on their app. Also, lightning speed servers mostly operate in USA.

All servers are fast enough to watch shows like Good Luck To You, Leo Grande, Look at Me: XXXTentacion (2022), Pistol (2022), The Orville: New Horizons Season 3, and Shoresy in Canada without lags or buffering.

If you have a device that doesn’t support VPN, you don’t need to worry because ExpressVPN has a MediaStreamer DNS service rat proves to be an awesome alternative to streaming your videos.

ExpressVPN’s subscription will cost you only $6.67/mo for a yearly package that has 3 months free with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

Bypassing geo-restricted streaming websites like Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime is not a big deal for ExpressVPN as it unblocks them in a matter of seconds!

Surfshark: Pocket-Friendly VPN to Watch Accused: Guilty or Innocent? Season 2 on Hulu in Canada

Now when the question arises of a VPN that proves to be the best when it comes to affordability no other VPN comes to mind because Surfshark offers a lot of features at awesomely cheap prices.


Not just cheap prices, Surfshark gives 3200+ servers in 65+ countries with unlimited simultaneous connections on one account and extraordinarily high speeds with 23 highly optimized servers in the USA with a strict no-logs policy.

With help of its Split Tunneling Feature, you can split your internet connection into two halves which enables you to have foreign and local services at the same time allowing you to watch exclusive content like American Underdog, Under the Banner of Heaven (2022), and The Kardashians.

Surfshark subscription plan offers a 24-month VPN connection for just $2.49/mo, which also benefits you with a money-back guarantee on the account of a free trial.

Geo-restricted streaming websites like Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are a must these days which every individual needs. Surfshark will satisfy your streaming requirement because it lets you access these websites in just the blink of an eye!

NordVPN: User-Friendly VPN to Watch Accused: Guilty or Innocent? Season 2 on Hulu in Canada

NordVPN is the most user-friendly VPN that allows you to watch geo-restricted content while maintaining your privacy and security to the highest level.

All that because it protects your information with AES 256-bit encryption, combined with SHA2-384 authentication and 2048-bit DH key, and Perfect forward secrecy.


You wouldn’t believe but NordVPN hosts over 5310+ servers in 60+ countries which is a lot too with 15 highly optimized servers in the USA.

NordVPN offers the feature of Double Protection which lets you make changes to your IP address not just once but twice giving you an extra coating of protection to keep you safe from malicious viruses.

With these amazing features, you can use this VPN to watch shows like Gamestop: Rise of the Players, Queen Sugar Season 6, and The Valet (2022) on Hulu in Canada.

NordVPN subscription will benefit you with a 68% discount if you subscribe to their 2-year plan that’ll cost you $3.49/mo.

Unblock streaming websites of the contemporary world such as Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime because can you live without them nowadays when everything is digital?


No, there is no official statement out yet but soon its release date is going to be announced by A&E Network.

Yes, Season 2 of Accused is already on Hulu and the remaining episodes are also releasing this June!

You can watch Accused season 2 on Hulu streaming app. If you are outside Canada, you will need a VPN service like ExpressVPN to watch Accused: Guilty or Innocent? Season 2 on Hulu in Canada.


Countless events unfold when someone is accused of a heinous crime and wrongdoings and that individual is found doing everything in his control to defend himself.

Streaming this amazing masterpiece outside Canada on Hulu will require a VPN service. We suggest ExpressVPN as it plays great importance in hiding your actual IP address and gives you a speedy, buffer-free connection.

We hope now you know everything about how to watch Accused: Guilty or Innocent? Season 2 on Hulu in Canada. 

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