How to Watch “Single Drunk Female Season 1” on Hulu in Canada?

Last updated: June 3, 2022

How to Watch Single Drunk Female Season 1 o Hulu in Canada

Hulu is the epitome when you are thirsty for getting online video entertainment in the shape of quality TV series and movies.

Season 1 of Single Drunk Female is one such show which seems to be a big hit in early 2022.  Hulu is premiering this comedy TV series on “January 21, 2022”.

However, if you are wondering “how to watch Single Drunk Season 1 on Hulu in Canada ?.” Stay cool and check out this blog to stream Hulu anywhere from outside the United States in 2022.

You simply need an American IP address to watch Hulu in Canada or anywhere other than the U.S. territories. To acquire the U.S. IP address, you should use a VPN connection and apply these simple steps of instructions.

  1. Use a stable VPN connection like ExpressVPN
  2. Open VPN application after downloading
  3. Connect to the United States server location
  4. Visit Hulu, search for “Single Drunk Season 1″, start watching!

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Release Date of “Single Drunk Female Season 1”

Hulu will premiere Season 1 of Single Drunk Female on “Friday – January 21, 2022.” It means people staying in Canada can view it from anywhere by using the above steps of instructions.

About “Single Drunk Female Season 1”

Are you on the lookout for the misadventures of a single intoxicated woman who is attempting to stay sober? Particularly when presented with things that beg her to drink, if yes then this is a perfect show for you.

Let’s have a look at the below trailer for Single Drunk Female and wager on how long she can maintain her sobriety:

It will be ten-episode comedy series. Simone Finch conceived and wrote this comedy series, which stars Sofia Black D’Elia.

Samantha Fink, a 20-something alcoholic, is forced to take the last shot she has to straighten up and escape jail time: moving back in with her overbearing mother, Carol, after a public meltdown at a New York media business.

The Cast of Single Drunk Female

Here is a cast of Single Drunk Female for Season 1 premiering on Hulu this week on Friday in 2022.

  • Samantha Binkerd as Assistant
  • Sofia Black-D’Elia as Samantha Fink
  • Madeline Wise as Stephanie
  • Aisha Duran as Tina
  • Ally Sheedy as Carol
  • Jojo Brown as Mindy
  • Lily D. Moore as Barista
  • Shiquita James as Grocery Customer
  • Sasha Compère as Brit
  • Christopher Cocke as Sweaty Drunk Guy
  • Sara Sevigny as Nancy Evans
  • Martin Davis as Rehabilitation Therapist
  • Sharon Frank as Diner Waitress
  • Chris Ward as St Patrick’s Party Guest
  • Wade Frazier as Sidney
  • Tonia N. Usher as Skating rink patron
  • Chris McClure as Construction Worker
  • Rebecca Henderson as Olivia

FAQs: “Single Drunk Female Season 1” on Hulu

The Season 1 of Single Drunk Female will offer 10-episodes series on Hulu from January 21, 2022. Below are some additional questions with responses relevant to it.

💳When is the show “Single Drunk Female” is releasing?

Hulu is releasing Season 1 of Single Drunk Female on “Friday – January 21, 2022”. If you do not live in the United States, use a VPN connection to watch it from any part of the world.

📍What is the plot of “Single Drunk Female?”

It is a comedy TV series which will have ten episodes for binging. Single Drunk Female delves into the difficulties of recovering from drinking and resuming a normal life.

💳How to Watch it Outside the United States?

If you are desiring to see Single Drunk Female outside the U.S. localities – use a VPN connection and connect its online server location to the United States to enjoy hassle-free streaming on the premiere day.

Wrapping Up

Hulu is a U.S. based online streaming service. If anyone wants to access it other than the United States – VPN is a perfect solution to unblock its entire library from any corner on this earth.

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